21 Day Vocab Challenge – Review

Hey y’all 🙂 (Putting on my Southern twang there 🙂 )… just thought I had better let you know how the 21 Day Vocab Challenge went, and bring you all up to date with it.

So the commitment was only five minutes a day – Did I manage to stick to it? And was it a worth while challenge?… Well, yes… and no 🙂

I did pretty much stick to it… but I seemed to be moving soooooo slowly through Memrise as a result, that I really didn’t achieve very much in my 21 days. Five minutes is really just enough time to learn about ten words in a Memrise lesson, so 21 days = around 200 (actually 230) words. Now, if I had been thinking clearly, I would have maybe made myself my own lesson to use, or been a little more selective with the course I chose… as the image above shows, I chose the “5000 Most Common Words” course, which,

  1. Wouldn’t download to my phone for offline use because it was so big, and
  2. Meant that of course, after 21 days, I had barely scraped the surface… not fantastic for motivation, and
  3. Meant I really was only reviewing words I already know, and so really didn’t achieve much at all.

In those 230 words, I really only “learned” maybe 2 words. So it was a bit of a waste of (quickly doing the mental arithmetic…) nearly 2 hours of my life. So, in summary:

What I liked:

  1. Even I managed to stick to it, at just 5 minutes per day
  2. It’s always fun to do a challenge.

What could have been better:

  1. I should have chosen or designed a more appropriate course (of course, I actually didn’t know I could do that at the start of the challenge… but I do now!)
  2. I should have downloaded the course to my phone, so I had more access to it.
  3. Fingtam followed up on the challenge with a 25 minute long video… which I couldn’t be bothered watching. So I’m not really sure what he learned, or what he did. (I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish, I think.) (Note to self… keep YouTube videos under 10 minutes for others like me!)

The other thing I am noticing as I do these types of challenges, is the anti-climax at the end. Somehow I always expect a bigger payoff emotionally when I finish a challenge. I’m not sure why I don’t… maybe because in the end, it’s just me celebrating with me… and I’m a social animal. Guess I need to develop my “Tribe” a bit more!

What about you all? Do you like Challenges? Did you join Fingtam’s 21 Day Vocab Challenge or have you done any others like this? Let me know in the comments 🙂