2018 November #ClearTheList

Clear The List – November 2018

#ClearTheList is a community goal setting activity, run by Lindsay over at Lindsay Does Languages, and Shannon of Eurolinguiste , where they review their past month’s work, and set new goals for the new month, and invite us all to join them. It is your chance to set monthly language learning goals and achieve them as part of the community. We share our monthly goals and encourage you to do the same. Check out November’s #ClearTheList on Lindsay Does Languages for more info on how to join in.

October In Review

So… my last month was a time of regrouping and working out what to do for the remainder of the year. My intention was to study German for the last 3 months of the year, but … I didn’t get started with that. Instead, as I previously posted, I joined Fingtam in a 21 Day Vocab Challenge (for French), and also undertook a spontaneous weekend language learning challenge with LanguageJam (which gave me my first exposure to Icelandic!)

So, in brief, October looked like this:


Vocabulary/Grammar – At least 5 minutes on Memrise daily, going through the top 5,000 most frequently used words – I did this probably every second day.
Listening – Listening to 5 minutes on YouTube (Mostly either Le Monde des Langues or Zapping Sauvage … mostly because I haven’t found anything else in French that has 5-15 minute videos on a topic I enjoy 🙁 ) – I probably did this every third day.
Conversation – Weekly Skype conversations with my language partner and/or attending the local MundoLingo Language Exchange meetup – Did this each week.

I didn’t have any reading or writing goals in October.

ICELANDIC (Weekend Intensive):

Vocab – Memrise Icelandic courses, learn how to introduce myself – I learned about 100 words over the weekend, including “Ég borða ekki fisk” (I don’t eat fish), and other useful words like “humarsúpa” (lobster soup), and ram’s testicles (which as you can tell, I have already forgotten)!!!


I didn’t have any formal goals for Dutch in October.

*Drum Roll******* and now for….



I am spending November intensively focussing on German. I have a friend who has been learning German for a while, but she doesn’t have many people to practise speaking with, so I thought I would try to get myself to a place where I can make myself understood, and she can teach me the finer points of grammar and pronunciation as we go on. I am experimenting with a language hack that I have designed after looking at what a number of other people do when they want to quickly get conversational in a language. (I am an absolute beginner, and I will be vlogging my progress through the month, so check out my Learn Languages Fast Channel on YouTube). So the month looks like this…

Vocab – 5 mins a day on Memrise, using a course I designed myself learning frequently used verbs;
2 x per week researching the vocab and phrases I identified as needing straight away to use the language quickly.
Listening/Speaking – 1 Pimsleur track each day
Optional – Daily time in 
Teach Yourself Beginner’s German coursebook (2003), by Rosie McNab each day as well… there are 20 lessons in that, nicely matching to around 20 working days in the month, so we’ll see how we go. I’d like to… but I also tend to overcommit, so in the interests of underpromising to myself… this remains “optional” in my goals 😉


I have been very “piecemeal” in my approach to learning French, and am not at all happy with the progress made this year as a result. My written French and reading of French, as well as my general sentence structure, has really suffered from not using a single text in a methodical manner. So I have hauled out my Linguaphone French Kit (1971 version, complete with cassettes 🙂 ), and am working my way methodically through all the writing exercises, despite my understanding being far above the initial lessons. Hopefully the drills will help to solidify my automaticity in how I construct sentences.

Vocab – 5 mins/day Memrise 5,000 most frequently used words
Grammar/Reading/Writing/Listening30 mins/day Linguaphone French Language Kit (1971)
Conversation – weekly online Skype calls & MundoLingo meetups
Journalling – I would like to journal daily in French – I think it’s time. But my goal will be twice a week.


I have decided it is time to really make a move to improve my writing/reading in Dutch. I’m going to do this two ways:

Dutch/French Laddering – with these lovelies that just arrived in the mail…

Frans Leren Booken

Frans Leren en Oefenen is a kid’s book, designed for primary ages, and Snel en Vlot Frans Leren Spreken en Begrijpen is for adults. I’ll write a post on these later in the week.

DLI Intermediate – Advanced Workbook – print it out, check it out, get used to it and do a task a week.


Vocab – Finish Icelandic 2 by Memrise, move on to Beginner’s Icelandic on Memrise
Teach Yourself Beginner’s Icelandic as desired, working through the book

AFRIKAANS (spoiler alert!)

Get mentally prepared for December’s intensive 🙂

And you? Und Sie? Et toi? En jij? Og þú? En jy? What are your language learning goals for November? Let me know in the comments below, and join the community over on the Eurolinguiste blog at

Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste and Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Does Languages.

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