21 Day Vocab Challenge – Review

Hey y’all 🙂 (Putting on my Southern twang there 🙂 )… just thought I had better let you know how the 21 Day Vocab Challenge went, and bring you all up to date with it. So the commitment was only five minutes a day – Did I manage to stick to

Children's songbook and piano

Learning Vocab Through Children’s Songs

Have you ever thought “I know – I’ll go and listen to some children’s songs and learn the language through them!”… then you go and listen to them and are absolutely astounded at how fast they sound, and how much you DON’T know, and then feel all despondent because you

Remember Why You Started

Why Learn A Language?

As I mentioned a while ago, one of the assignments in the current Add1Challenge (#A1C33) we were asked to write down or make a reminder in some way for why we wanted to learn this language. This is a really good idea for all language learners – even if we

News In Slow French Logo

News in Slow French

I happened across a great site yesterday – news articles with accompanying (slow) audios! They exist in many languages – Linguistica 360 Inc. publishes them in French, Spanish, German and Italian, but I also found similar sites in Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and others. To date I have only looked at