Coffee Break French Masterclass


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The Coffee Break French Masterclass is a 6 month long course, in monthly modules. Each module includes five audio lessons with accompanying notes and background reading. Every month students take part in an activity to practise the focus language skills for the month, and you’ll receive a checklist and a review video to help you consolidate the language before you take the monthly test. You’ll also receive VIP support from our Masterclass tutors.

What do the classes cover?

  1. Tricky verbs – how to use ‘savoir’ and ‘connaître’, and ‘amener’ and ’emmener’. In addition you will learn how to use ‘faire’ in its myriad ways, including the use of ‘faire faire’.
  2. Pronouns – direct and indirect object pronouns, ‘y’ and ‘en’, and disjunctives.
  3. False friends – words that look like English words, but mean something different.
  4. Tenses – we’ll cover the perfect, imperfect, future, conditional and pluperfect, and how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in each tense.
  5. The Subjunctive – you’ll learn how to form the subjunctive, and how to use it in your writing and speech.
  6. How to sound more French – how to use those ‘euuu’s, use native word order, and other techniques that help you sound more like a native speaker.

Enrolment in the Coffee Break French Masterclass opens periodically – sign up to the announcement list to hear when the next masterclass opens.