Language Jam July 2019, Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

Yoruba – #LangJam July ’19

Another chance to dabble in a new language for a weekend with #LanguageJam! July’s Jam is from a selection of Indigenous Languages, in honour of the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. This Jam I drew Yoruba – here’s some fun facts. Yoruba is a language spoken in Western

#LanguageJam February 2019 - Macedonian

Macedonian – #LangJam Feb 2019

Time to play with a new language over a weekend with #LanguageJam! This time I drew Macedonian – which has a Cyrillic script, a messy political situation, and not many resources “because it’s really just a dialect of Bulgarian”. Well, so the Bulgarians say! Recognition of the Macedonian Language I