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Joining Group Challenges to Improve Language Skills – The Add 1 Challenge

I have found the best way to learn a language is to set goals – but sometimes, especially when learning a language is somewhat of a hobby, it can be hard to set a goal and stick to it.

Unlike making a quilt or a birthday card or a cake, language learning tends to go on forever and doesn’t have a natural ‘end’ or ‘completion.

To maintain motivation, it can help to divide the task into smaller chunks. You could decide to complete a lesson in a learning kit each week, or listen to a podcast daily.

However, particularly if you are a social person, it can really help to make language learning a social experience.

Some people choose to go to classes for that purpose, but I have found them to be expensive and slow, so classes don’t really interest me.

On the other hand… the idea of joining an international group of language learners in a timed challenge really inspired me!

The Add 1 Challenge was initially set up by Brian Kwong after he was inspired by Benny Lewis (from Fluent In 3 Months) to learn German in 3 months.

Brian was community manager for the first 26 Add1Challenges, before handing it over to Fluent in 3 Months. I have followed Benny and the FI3M crowd for a while now, and so when I heard about the challenge, I was SO in!

So – I have been accepted, and am going to use the challenge to see if I can get my French to a solid A2 level in three months!

Keep an eye on the blog – I’ll let you know how I’m going, and share all my ups, downs, and tricks that I learn along the way

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Cate is a language enthusiast sharing her language learning journey here. Apart from her native English (albeit 'Strine'*!), as an adult she has also learned Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to approximately a C1 level, Dutch to around B1/2, French to around A2, and has a smattering of other languages.

B.A. (Anthropology/Marketing), Grad. Dip. Arts (Linguistics), Grad. Cert. Entrepreneurship & Venture Development, (CELTA).

Auslan Interpreter (NAATI), and general Language Nut.

*For more information on 'Strine', visit

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