35 Ways to Benefit From Learning A Second Language

What makes you interested in learning a second language? Have you ever wondered what in ways you might benefit from learning a second language?

For many people it is to make travelling easier and more fun. For others it is connecting with their extended family, learning about their heritage, or simply keeping their brains active.

In the broadest terms, learning a second language is that it allows you to communicate with more people!

Knowing a second language means you can get to know more people!

While you might think that is hardly earth shattering – when you start to drill down into a variety of life situations, speaking a second language begins to look really cool.

Knowing the ways to benefit from learning a second language can really boost your motivation, and supercharge your learning!

There has been a great deal of scientific research into the benefits of learning languages. Many, many benefits have been uncovered across several fields of study.

The most significant body of research that has been undertaken is in the field of cognitive benefits of learning a second language.

Likewise there has also been research done on many other areas of life.

There are psychological, academic, and professional benefits. In addition, there are many advantages knowing a second language gives when learning further languages!

Now that I have convinced you that learning a new language in our globalised world is a wonderful advantage, so let’s take a look at the benefits of learning a second language.

I found 35!

To make it easier to read, I am publishing the information as a series of posts. As the posts are published, I will link to them here.

  1. 35 Ways to Benefit from Learning a Second Language: Introduction (this post)
  2. Personal and Social Benefits
  3. Cognitive Benefits
  4. Psychological Benefits
  5. Academic Benefits
  6. Professional Benefits
  7. Language Learning
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