21 Day Vocab Challenge – Review

Hey y’all 🙂 (Putting on my Southern twang there 🙂 )… just thought I had better let you know how the 21 Day Vocab Challenge went, and bring you all up to date with it. So the commitment was only five minutes a day – Did I manage to stick to

News In Slow French Logo

News in Slow French

I happened across a great site yesterday – news articles with accompanying (slow) audios! They exist in many languages – Linguistica 360 Inc. publishes them in French, Spanish, German and Italian, but I also found similar sites in Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and others. To date I have only looked at

Why Am I Doing This?

Why Learn French?

For our second assignment in the current Add1Challenge (#A1C33) we were asked to write down or make a reminder in some way for why we wanted to learn this language. For me the impetus to study French in particular was a combination of a few factors. Firstly, because I had