Add 1 Challenge – Week 3, Conversation Success

Just had to come and have a brag – just had my third conversation session (once a week for three weeks now), and it went SO well! My partner actually said he saw a difference between the first and second week as well, but the difference between last week and this felt out of sight! It was so nice to be able to understand most all of what he said without… him… having… to… separate… all… his … words… for… me… to… understand! Yay me!

Cate is a language enthusiast sharing her language learning journey here. Apart from her native English (albeit 'Strine'*!), as an adult she has also learned Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to approximately a C1 level, Dutch to around B1/2, French to around A2, and has a smattering of other languages.

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