21 Day Vocabulary Challenge

Why You Should Keep Changing It Up – 21 Day Vocab Challenge

Do you find yourself getting into a rut with your language learning? Does your “get up and go” seem to… well… get up and go?

I have been at that point for the past three months with French. I completed the 33rd Add 1 Challenge, all fired up ready to go another round… then life got in the way, and in the first week I derailed. It took a month to get back to thinking about things, but by then I was way behind on the next round, and I just never got into it. And I decided to have a break from the A1C for now, as the next three months look like they will be a bit hectic too.

So I was trying to get my mojo back, get some routine happening, and along comes Fingtam’s 21 Day Vocab Challenge – 5 minutes a day, using a spaced repetition system. That’s a bit more like it! I reckon I can do 21 days. Here are the five reasons I decided to do this challenge now:

  1. Motivation – I was lost, and wandering. This gave me direction, without me stressing about how I would maintain the activities
  2. Smaller, specific goals can help address a weak area. I have plateaued in my French, but hadn’t been regularly learning any new vocabulary. This will give me a kick start.
  3. It’s 5 minutes a day. No matter how tired I am, I can do 5 minutes a day. And usually I end up doing half an hour.
  4. I can already see the end of the challenge, and I’m just starting. Brilliant for my desire for variety, AND to help me finish something I start!
  5. It’s Fingtam. 🙂 He’s just a linguistics student and aspiring polyglot that I follow on YouTube. But I wanted to support him in his challenge.

You can check him out on his channel (obviously named “Fingtam Languages”), or watch the challenge video below.

If you want to join in, leave him a comment under his video and just join in now. And leave me a comment here below too 🙂 Let me know what language you are focussing on in the challenge. And if you decide not to join in now, leave a comment anyway – do you like challenges? Why or why not? I look forward to hearing from you!