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Are You Up For A Challenge? LanguageJam Weekend Challenge

Oops! It’s a bit unplanned, but I saw something advertised I just could not pass over… the opportunity to study one language for one weekend… and I don’t even get to choose the language!

Language Jam is a weekend long challenge organised by Language and Travel Blogger Lingudendron. It was posted in the Polyglotessa Facebook Group (for any female language learners out there), and… well, it looked like too much fun to say “no” to!

So this weekend, starting tomorrow, 19th October, I will be learning… Icelandic! I have a list of resources to use… but I have decided my priorities will be to do/learn the following 4 things:

  1. How to say hello, and introduce myself.
  2. Say where I am from.
  3. Say which languages I speak and which I am learning, and why.
  4. Listen to all the videos of “Viltu læra íslensku?“, a television series to teach Icelandic.

The videos will take about six hours, and I expect the introduction and bio will take about two hours to learn. If I get through all that, and still want more, I will do a memrise course or two.

So… bit of a left field event, but why not? I will keep going with the 21 Day Vocab Challenge I am in the middle of too – so I guess I’m in for a busy weekend!

Feel free to register and join… or if you miss out this time, register for the next one!

What do you think…. am I a bit nuts? 🙂 If you were to a do a Weekend Challenge, what language would you hope to be allocated, and why? Let me know in the comments below!